Action_Chaos_AtheneeHi!  I’m Athenée Mastrangelo and I’m the founder and owner of Action Chaos where I have been helping entrepreneurs and professionals set up systems to manage their busy schedules, projects, and information overload.  I’m a Virtual Entrepreneur &  International Productivity Expert with 25 years experience in information technology, office management,  record management, and time management.

After completing my degree in information technology, I worked with companies in Europe, the Caribbean, and the US setting up database programs and systems to manage their information and business processes.

In 2002 I started Action Chaos, focusing on helping small business owners get organized to improve their productivity and set up systems to save them time and money.  Thanks to today’s high-tech world as well as my background in information technology and business organizing, I am now focusing mainly on helping entrepreneurs and professionals setting up a productive digital work environment, so that they can work from anywhere and still be productive.

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Working from the beach in Aruba

I love to travel and that’s why I love being a Virtual Entrepreneur – I can work from anywhere – all I need is my iPad or Mac and I’m in business.  My clients are from all over the world and I either travel to work with them in person or I work with them virtually.  Can you believe that I actually have clients I’ve known for years, but never actually met in person?  Crazy, isn’t it?

‘Working from anywhere’ doesn’t just mean ‘having an internet connection and your laptop or iPad’, it means having systems in place that you can function just as effectively as you would from your desk at work – having access to all your files, projects, and the people on your team with the click of a button.

When working together we set up systems, templates, and procedures that make it all happen!  You can thank my inner geek and that organizing freak in me – I’m always on the lookout for you!

If you’re ready to take control of your life again or if you have questions,  let’s talk.  I can help you in the right direction.

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