It doesn’t matter if you’re a solopreneur, entrepreneur, or a professional working for someone, there are certain projects you work on by yourself and then there are projects you collaborate on with others.  When working with others things can get out of hand:

  • One document can be stored on multiple locations and can be in different versions, because there are no clear guidelines
  • Hundreds of emails go back and forth and everyone is copied on every piece of information, wasting a lot of time for everyone involved
  • When working with someone who is not so organized, things can get lost in the shuffle.

With today’s technology you can set up online workspaces where everyone can collaborate in real time on projects and files.

  • Everyone can access the same document at their own time;
  • Each document is stored and updated from one location, so you always have access to the latest version;
  • You minimize all the emails;
  • By having a virtual workspace your team can collaborate online and avoid unnecessary meetings .

Surprisingly, a virtual workspace is not as expensive or complicated as you may think.  We specialize in helping you find the right one for you.   Want to learn more?  Please fill out a Team Scorecard to set up your Complimentary Discovery Session.