inboxDo you have a love/hate relationship with email?  If you are like most of us the answer is ‘Yes’.   The biggest problem is that there are just so many of them coming in on an hourly basis, so if you don’t have systems in place to deal with them you can get in serious email overload.


Does this sound familiar?

‘Arggh – there are 1000s of emails in my inbox!’  Stop hoarding all the emails in your inbox – it’s not your to do box.  Set up a system where you can quickly & easily process each email as they come in.

‘I waste way too much time looking for an email when I need it.’  By moving emails over to their final destination it’s easier to find it back.

‘I spend way too much time processing emails.’   Set up automated systems in place that will eliminate a lot of your time spent on email.

‘I receive way too much junk.’   Clear up the junk and automate your email

‘My colleagues send me way too much emails, most of it is redundant.’  Set clear processes in your office for email.


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