Resources - PageWe are living in the age of information overload!  We are constantly bombarded with emails, electronic files, online information, social media, apps, pictures… you name it. Over the years I have had many people call me in a panic, saying: ‘I can’t find it what I need when I need it’   This is one of the biggest complaints I get and it’s typically a result from not having an effective and easy-to-use filing system in place.  They tend to leave their important files on their computer desktop, which results in a cluttered desktop, which results in a lot of time being wasted on looking for the right file. ‘My documents are scattered all over the place.’   All their digital files are stored in different locations – their email inbox, their computer at work, laptop at home, iPad, iPhone, but nothing is really synced together. ‘Oh #%&! – I lost all my files!’  Computers, gadgets, you name it – they break down and it’s not a matter of ‘if they breakdown’, but more a matter of ‘when they break down.’  In the past 5 years my laptops have crashed 3 times all to a point where everything was lost – and I mean everything!  Luckily I had all my files stored in the cloud, so I didn’t lose anything important.  Do you have a running backup system for all your information?  Not just your documents, but also your pictures, contact information, appointments, and other software related content.   Let us help you:

  • Find what you need when you need it
  • Have an almost zero inbox
  • Implement a streamlined file sharing system
  • Collaborate easily with others
  • Relax and know that your files are being backed up