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What is disorganization costing you?

The average professional wastes at least 1 hour each day looking for information.  If your average income is $100,000 and you spend 1 hour each day looking for stuff, you are wasting $12,480 a year of your hard earned money!


Stop wasting your time & money!  After your Discovery Session, we will have a clear picture of your goals, challenges, and resources; which will help us identify what program fits your needs best.  Here are a few of our programs:

  • Strategy Session.  This session is designed to focus & strategize on specific areas, i.e. simplify technology, paper piles, email overload, team collaboration, you name it!  We are here to help you sort it all out, match you with the right technology & systems, and create a plan of action for success!
  • Accountability Partnership.  Need help staying focused after your Strategy Session is complete?  We have an accountability program available for you.  Sessions can be daily, weekly, or monthly to ensure you are taking action and set systems in place for your ongoing success.
  • VIP Day.  This is our extreme make-over program.  We spend the day together – virtually or at your office – to create your new systems in just one day.  You will walk into the office the next day with a clean desk (or desktop) and your new systems in place – you will know exactly what to do with every piece of information that comes in.  (Too busy to spend the day with us?  We can split the day in half!)
  • Virtual Business Manager.  Need someone on  your team to manage your business processes, virtual solutions and more?  No need to hire a full time manager.  Ask us for details.
  • Team Training Solutions.  Check out our Team Training Sessions for more information on group training sessions.


Let’s talk to see what program is right for you!  Please fill out Your Productivity Scorecard*.  Once complete, we will contact you to set up your Complimentary Discovery Session – there are absolutely no obligations!


* Remember, if you are enquiring about your team, we recommend filling out the Team Productivity Scorecard.