The average office executive wastes at least 1 hour each day looking for lost information.

If you have a team of 15 people and they each earn an average salary of $50,000 a year – that adds up to $97,500 a year in wasted money! 

Can you afford to do nothing?  Of course not!  Improve business productivity, boost efficiency, and slash costs.  We have the following online and onsite team training sessions available:

  • Power Up Your iPad for Business
  • Your Inbox is Not Your To Do Box
  • Make Your Apps Work for You
  • From Piles to Files
  • Office Bootcamp Makeover Day
  • Extreme Digital Makeover Day
  • The Paperless Office

Can’t find the right one for your team?  We can tweak and tailor sessions to individually meet your groups’ needs and specific audience.

Has it been your experience that you leave workshops and before you know it you forget everything you learned?  Participants leave our workshops with simple systems and action steps they can implement right away.

Let’s discuss what program is right for your team, please fill out the Team Productivity Scorecard.  Once completed, we will contact you to set up your Complimentary Discovery Session.