woman meditate on desk - square‘Just because there’s an app for that, doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you!’ 

Everyone has unique challenges and priorities.  Before working together, we need to see what program is the right fit for you.  Here is how it works:


Step 1.  Productivity Scorecard:

Your first step is to fill out Your Productivity Scorecard*.  This will help us better understand your current situation and what areas we need to focus on.  Once completed, we will contact you to set up your Complimentary Discovery Session (Step 2).

* If you are enquiring about your team, we recommend filling out the Team Productivity Scorecard.     


Step 2.  Complimentary Discovery Session:  

During this 20-minute phone consultation we will:

  • Discover Your Vision.  If you had a magic wand what would your day look like?
  • Discuss Your Challenges.  Everyone has different challenges – what are yours?
  • Identify Your Resources.  Believe it or not, you have a lot of resources already available at our finger tips.


Step 3:  Customized Program

Once we have identified your situation, we will go over the available programs that fit your needs.  This can be private a one-on-one consultation or a training session for you and your team.

Sessions can be held at your location or virtually (over the phone or internet).


Let’s get started.  Fill out your Scorecard:

Action_Chaos_Your_Productivity_Scorecard Action_Chaos_Team_Productivity_Scorecard




Our No-Risk Guarantee:
If you are not completely satisfied with your results,  we will offer you an additional session free of charge!