Mind Map – One of my favorite tools!

Mindmap by Learning FundamentalsWe are all ‘crazy busy’ and overwhelmed and it’s harder and harder to focus!  One of my favorite tools to help me when my brain is in overload is a mind map.  It’s a visual thinking tool used to represent your thoughts, ideas, tasks, and so much more.  As opposed to traditional note taking or a linear text, a mind map is structured in a way that resembles much more closely how your brain actually works.  You can create your own with just a blank piece of paper and some markers, or there are some really cool cloud tools out there if you want to go digital.  

The above Focus mind map is one of my favorites and was created by Learning Fundamentals  Thank you Jane Genovese for sharing your mind map with us!  Learning Fundamentals is an organisation in Australia committed to making available to students indispensable learning techniques in an enjoyable and interactive manner. 


Get Your Markers

Get started with a piece of paper and some colored markers.  There are no real rules – just go for it!  Add drawings if you’d like, or like me – just leave them out (I’m personally not that talented!)

  1. Start with your main topic in the center of your page.  This can be a goal you need to accomplish, a problem you need to solve, or an idea you have;
  2. Then start branching out with main topics;
  3. Followed by subtopics;
  4. Followed by notes and so on.


Go Digital

Creating a mind map on software or a cloud-based tool has some additional advantages.  You can move your topics and subtopics around, you can add links to other mind maps or websites, and you can work on projects collaboratively with your team.

Check out this cool video on how to mind map:

Check out some cool mind map tools:


Not sure where to start or what mind map tool to pick?  I can help!